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5 Reasons to Join the PTA

  1. Benefit your Child!  Research shows that children perform better when parents are involved
    at home and at school.


  2. Get Connected! There’s no better way to know what’s happening at school.

  3. Tap Into a Network! PTA connects you to other parents and teachers through meetings, events, and communications, helping to build a sense of community.

  4. Be a Role Model! By becoming a PTA member, you’ll be demonstrating to your child the importance you place on education.

  5. Witness Improvement! By getting involved in PTA, you’ll be a part of the solution—helping to make positive changes.

Thank you for your interest in joining Blattman Elementary's PTA! It's one of the best ways to be involved in your child's education and deepen your understanding of our school and NISD. But PTA is not just about fundraising and volunteering; it's also about having a voice in our children's education all the way up to the state and federal level. When our state PTA representatives advocate for our children in the state legislative session, they are there solely for the best interests of our children, with the full weight of nearly 500,000 local PTA members behind them. Every membership increases the impact we can have at at that level - so if you don't have the time or inclination to volunteer, that's ok, join anyway - just your being a member makes a difference!

Of course, we love our volunteers, too! If you are interested in volunteering, whatever your skills, whatever time you can spare, we can find a way for you to get involved and have a meaningful impact at Blattman. See our Volunteer page for more information.

To Join Blattman's PTA:​

The membership fees for 2022-2023 is $10 per membership. Our goal is to have one voice (membership) for each enrolled student. You can join online at

Learn More About PTA:

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National PTA

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